Hacking up Honda's ECU
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2006 4:39 pm 
OK I tried clicking edit and adding this to the Wiki but it never logged me in it just kept popping up, I even tried making a new username but still kept happening so heres the picture I made.

Black arrow- C51, needs a cermamic disc capacitor (shown in picture)

Red arrow- C52, another ceramic disc capacitor( shown in picture again, orangish thing with long legs)

Yellow arrow- J1, used a jumper. If you're familiar with computers its the same concept, you attach a little piece (shown in picture but hard to see
) that has two little pieces of metal sticking out, they do not touch, thats where those little blue jumpers you use in your computer come in. When you put that over it, it "connects" them and J1 is active. For me this is personally better than connecting with a wire and having to cut to disable J1 everytime.

White arrow- This is R52, I dont believe you have to connect this but I've been asking but the only answer I received was I didn't need it because P75 Ecu's dont come with R54. I've transfered a map to the ECU and it seemed to work because I could smell my engine burning rich =P. As an update, you do NOT need to connect this, just jump J1 and you're fine (connect j1)

The big blue thing is a zif socket. Under it is what goes into the ecu, the zif socket connects on top, and then you either connect ostrich to the zif socket and you can permanently mount it there as the "information chip" or use a burner such as BURN1 to put the map information onto the actual chip that comes with chip kits and connect that to ZIF socket. Up to you.

The black chip to the left of the zif socket is the other chip you'll be putting in. For both you're going to need to desolder the pads under (using a desoldering braid is NECESSARY, along with a soldering iron, you heat up the pad till it gets all melted, then put the braid halfway in, press the soldering iron to the braid and you'll just see the solder melt right into it, its pretty amazing)

Any questions lemme know.[/b]

p75chipped.JPG [ 2.71 MiB | Viewed 7573 times ]

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2006 6:28 pm 
Reading "Progress of a Simple Minded N00b" (Newbies forum)

I kinda overlooked something but now i know the answer, for the P75 ECU, you do NOT need the connect R52. Just jump J1 and you're good.

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